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These pictures are mostly work-related, featuring the beginning of Front End construction at The Co-op and the departure of our very beloved Young Mike.

The pictures:

Jonah and Leslie at Kevin Molloy's show (with Jamie and Ian in the background)

Cris* and Helen wearing the same outfit

Young Mike

Kathy and LaKeisha

Young Mike

Nick doing some work inside the ceiling

Young Mike, tearing down the wall the old-fashioned way

Young Mike and Jenn, tearing down the wall

Coconut Joe takes a hammer to the wall

Young Mike

Young Mike at his going away party

Rob** and Billie

Elisa and Sara

Coconut Joe with his ping pong face on


Me in my mother's sun hat

* n0thingman: this is the Cris you were dealing with
** no, not my ex -- different Rob
Tags: billie, eefc, elisa, helen, joey coconuts, jonah e., kathy, kevin molloy, lakeisha, me, nick r., pictures, young mike

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