Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Hey n0thingman -- now I'm going to be as crazy as you!

So yesterday was the big Point of Sale strategy meeting at work, where we all sat down over a 2 1/2 hour lunch meeting and figured out how the fuck we're gonna get this all done in time. The answer? Starting Monday, Maureen and Erin and I will be working 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. Yup. Hello n0thingman. Now that your schedule has calmed down, I will apparently be taking over your old schedule.

Now, there are many great things about this. For starters, day 6 will be nothing but time and a half for us. Add that together with the raise I got when I got the promotion, and I'm about to start getting some seriously exciting paychecks. And the other fabulous thing: this also means that, in September, I will have my very first MAD Day off since I started working at The Co-op.

This also means that this will be my last proper two day weekend for a while, so I'm doing it in style. Tonight I have plans to hang out with lurpy for the first time in forever. And last night I went to see my friend Laura's band at Garfield Artworks. The show was freakin excellent. For starters, they played one of the tightest sets that I've ever seen them play (and for a once I actually took some pictures -- I'll post them as soon as I can). As an added bonus, peatasaurus was there, because her friend's band Isha & Zetta was playing. And the headliner was The Shondes, a lefty politico Jew band from New York. When I laughed and bought a bunch of their merchandise, they correctly assessed that I was Jewish too.

So now my big plans are laundry followed by swimming. I got another roll of film back yesterday, so if the Ginseng Rush kicks in and I start to feel motivated and energized, I may well post some new pictures before day's end (including one for rachelmichellek where I'm actually smiling).
Tags: eefc, great ants, jew, lurpy, mad day, orange mike, peatasaurus

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