Hopita (hopita) wrote,


Well, I'm finally home. Day one of Point of Sale was ... frustrating. I have a headache right now like you wouldn't believe. I won't be online for long. The long story short is that today wasn't so much training as it was sitting there while other people hammered out the bugs, and all of the back and forth left me mostly just confused. And all that nonsense about not needing me tomorrow but then needing me tomorrow and having to rearrange four peoples' schedules to accomodate it? Yea, it was for nothing. We're so not ready to start and they don't need me at all. Only they do. But only for a while.

Sorry. I realize this rant probably makes very little sense. I could probably explain it if I put my mind to it, but, well, I think my brain's had enough for one day. Feh.
Tags: eefc, stress

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