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Co-op love

There's been so much tension and animosity at work lately. Union stuff, job stuff, people on different sides ... it's been tense. But tonight I want to talk about why I love The Co-op, and why we really are so wonderfully unlike any other grocery store.

Last night, a customer paid for and then forgot a watermelon on the windowsill outside the store. Rick, the security guard, noticed it, remembered who had left it there, and remembered the guy's first name. He brought it to Saprina and I, and we pretty quickly narrowed down the guy's last name, and found his contact information. I gave him a call. "Were you in The Co-op earlier this evening?" Yes, he was. "Did you forget your watermelon here?" Yes, he did. It's now sitting at the Customer Service desk, with his name stuck to it on a Post-It note.

Today, these three young guys came in. I'm guessing they were coming from The Climbing Wall, because all they were buying -- all they ever buy -- are drinks. As they go to leave, one of the guys turns around and says "hey, thank you, by the way. I lost my bank card here the other week, and you guys called the bank and canceled it for me before I even realized it was gone."

And I thought about it, and I thought yea -- would any other store cancel your credit card for you, or track you down and give you a call if you left your watermelon behind? I remember mailing a lost drivers license to a woman once. I can remember countless occasions when I've gone running to the parking lot after a customer who left a bag behind.

I love working in a place like that. I really fucking do.



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Aug. 11th, 2006 10:55 am (UTC)
THat is so cool...

Yeah.. Right now I feel so hunkered down and defensive about life.. it is nice to know that there is a different culture out there...

I live in two worlds.

THe one i actually live which is going to Krogers.. driving my car etc.. and the one in my head that has me living a monastic simple existance with othere in a very sustianable and friendly manner.

Good that you are participating more fully.

I hope you are well....

and don't have to travel on a plane anytime soon...

Aug. 13th, 2006 02:10 am (UTC)
That's wonderful. It's great to be nice to people or do nice things for people just to be... nice. :)
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