Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Finding Community

I'm just getting home from Unblurred. I actually hadn't gone to Unblurred in several months (some of you may recall the disaster that was my last trip to Unblurred). But tonight was fabulous. The street was literally filled with good friends of mine. I got to have a long talk with la_nuque (aka shalomcarrie), and, later, an equally long talk with Lindsay, a former Co-op employee who I hadn't seen in about a year.

Phat Mandee was there (and said she will be visiting anarqueso and Formaldehyde soon -- I'm jealous), as was Dave, FarMaria, Lucas, Peezy, and -- get this --
Zocks. I haven't seen Zocks in more than a year -- since February of 2005, I believe. It was a trip. He told me Hipster moved to Dormont (Dormont?!?! Fucking hell).

And as I drove home, I thought of something that FarMaria said to me back in November: I'm a part of a community here. It's just really great when you have one of those nights where you really feel it, you know?
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