Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Drained and drenched.

This day ...

This day has been insanity, through and through. Here early for a meeting, couldn't sleep worth a damn last night (hey _aqualung_ -- I wonder if that root beer last night was caffeinated -- it would explain a lot), and now I'm supposed to be in another meeting, only it was canceled.

It was meetings, meetings, meetings all day long for just about everyone. At one point, all of the managers walked out the door, waved to me from the open doorway, and called out "OK -- you're in charge now! Bye!" Yea, seriously.

On my break, my wonderful, glorious break, I stood outside and watched the rain come in. Lightning, then darkness, and finally, the rains. I stood there and let myself get drenched. It was completely what I needed.
Tags: eefc, insomnia, rain, stress

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