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Good friends and pennies.

I shouldn't be awake. No, really, I shouldn't. Tomorrow is my first day at work where I'll really be dealing with POS stuff -- the consultant is coming and there are meetings and a walk through of the store and all kinds of stuff. Allisyn and I reinvented the wheel to get the schedule to accommodate everything, but I think we've figured it out. Thing is, I have to be at work about three hours earlier than usual. Hence the I-should-be-asleep-now sentiment.

(Tiny gripe: My first day on POS duty and already this new job is cutting into my swim time. Harumph!)

But the reason I really wanted to update my journal tonight was this: Today, I received a package in the mail from bishopjoey. He sent me a CD (which I had expected, and which will get listened to ASAP), a letter (which wasn't nearly as illegible as he thought it to be), and a special bonus prize: a crushed penny.

People who know me know I collect crushed pennies. I think it started on a trip to New York to visit Barton. We went to the Empire State Building and I looked at the souvenir penny machine and somewhere in my brain it clicked, how amazingly cool it was that tourist attractions featured these little machines that, for a mere 51 cents, allowed folks to commit a Federal Offense. I was hooked.

On a visit to San Francisco to visit bishopjoey, I made myself a San Francisco Cable Car Museum penny. While visiting Chey in Cleveland, I got a Cleveland Zoo penny. When lurpy visited St. Louis, he brought me back a penny with the Arch on it.

And then, in 2000, while I was out one day working for the Census Bureau, the shithead who was moving out of the apartment downstairs from me broke into my apartment and stole my television, one of my (broken) cameras, and a cup full of change that had been sitting near the TV. I lost all of my pennies, along with all of the subway tokens from every city I'd ever lived in, and all of the coins I'd brought home from Israel.

And bishopjoey? Upon hearing the news, he ran down to the San Francisco Cable Car Museum and got me not just one new penny, but a penny in each of the available designs.

And the thing that so struck me tonight, as I opened up the package while waiting on _aqualung_ to finish up at work, was that he actually remembered. bishopjoey fucking remembered that I collect those damn pennies and, when at a tourist attraction in Prague, he thought to make me one. A crushed penny all the way from Prague. I gasped audibly when I saw it. I was so incredibly touched. Such a small gesture, and yet so meaningful to me. I can't tell you how much I appreciated it.
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