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Well, here it is. The big day. In three hours, I will be having my raise review. In four hours, I will be having my interview for the POS Assistant job.

I'm glad I got some fucking sleep already last night. That was good. And I'm thankful for the time _aqualung_ spent with me last night after work, going over the interview questions and helping me think of answers for the tough ones. n0thingman sat on the phone with me the day before, doing much the same thing. There's a lot of computer-related stuff dealing with this job, and I was glad I had such close friends who were computer geeks to turn to. It would have been nice to be able to pick Rob's computer brain as well, but, yea.

_aqualung_ had me thinking about all of the old databases that I had used at various jobs -- DBase, FoxPro, etc. It's been so long -- I wish I could remember that shit more vividly. I dragged all of my old resumes out of my file cabinet, hoping that reading through some of my job descriptions from a decade ago would help jog my memory. Unfortunately, most of what I found in there was film-related and not particularly applicable.

But fuck that. Dwelling on shit like that is going to keep me worried, when what I want to be doing right now is psyching myself up. ratphooey, momacress, all of you out there who send you would be sending me happy job vibes -- today is your day to do it.

At any rate, I should shower and then sit back down with that list of questions and try to create a focused mind. Last night's anxiety centered, at least in part, on how upsetting my last job review was to me -- what if today's review is bad and I get upset but have to immediately go and interview? I hope that's not the case, but want to prepare myself in case it does happen.

So wish me luck, and I promise to keep everyone posted.
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