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Something has seriously gone wrong with my right shoulder. It had been bugging me for a while, and I had attributed the pain to a repetitive motion injury -- my right arm is the arm I usually use to lift heavy bags of groceries at work. Thing is, I've been looking out for it for a while now. It started bothering me maybe a month ago, and then I spent a week in Ohio not lifting heavy bags of groceries, and, since then, I've been being conscious to lift with my left arm and give my right arm a break.

So what the fuck is going on? It only started bothering me during the last hour or two of my shift tonight, and, by the time we closed, I couldn't even lift my arm enough to fork my rice into my mouth. Now, every little motion leaves me wincing. Joseph said he thought it was the weather -- that his injuries from the last time he was hit by a car were acting up, and that he blamed the humidity. I hope he's right and that I haven't inadvertently done something new and horrible to it.

I have one -- count em, one -- hydrocodone left from who knows when (the keratitis, or maybe my last car accident). I plan to take it now and hope for some sleep.
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