Hopita (hopita) wrote,

The second installment of reunion pictures

the Antioch Honor Code banner

the entrance to The Glen

The Student Union

Bob Devine and caelidh



Nurse Barb and a woman whose name I forget

caelidh outsude of South Hall

Susan and Mark and alcohol

Susan and Mark


Susan and Mark

Frank, Susan, Christina, Mark, caelidh and me

Frank, Susan, Christina, Mark, caelidh and me

Tim, a man whose name I forget, Athena, and caelidh caelidh with her back to the camera

Tim, that same man whose name I forget, Athena, and Frank Marcucci

Mark swinging

Mark swinging

Mark swinging

There should be one last installment following this one -- the final day of reunion, farewell brunch, and, of course, the goats.
Tags: antioch, caelidh, frank marcucci, mark and susan, meswanholm, nicolabaltimore, pictures

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