Hopita (hopita) wrote,

bad dreams

I mentioned to peatasaurus earlier today that I was troubled by bad dreams last night. There were at least two separate dreams that involved my being physically assaulted and having to fight back.

The first one I don't remember as clearly -- I know that I was outdoors somewhere and standing in some sort of line -- I think we were roped off from the sidewalk to the street. At any rate, I remember something happening with a man, and that I knew I was going to have to fight him. I was on the sidewalk and he was in the street, and I remember that he knocked me down. I managed to get my leg up and kick him in the groin three times. That got him to back off and it ended the fight, but even so, it was clear that I had lost.

The second dream was a bit more vivid. I was in a basement laundry area, and, as I walked past the washing machine, I saw a hand reach up from behind it. As I moved away, a man stood up and came at me, hurting me. There were spray paint cans on a shelf somewhere around the corner, and I grabbed one and began spraying him in the eyes with the paint. It had no effect, other than to paint him like a raccoon. But his vision remained unimpaired, and he didn't seem in the least bit hurt by the paint.
Tags: dreams, peatasaurus, violence

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