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I scared water boy

I don't really have much to say, but, out of all of the moments of my day, this is the one that really stuck with me:

Yesterday, I checked my email when I was at Quiet Storm and I got an email that upset me. I logged off and sat down to write, which is when I wrote "I wish Chris would show up," and then, instantly, he did. Anyway, he came and sat with me, or maybe I went and sat with him - I forget. But, like I said, I was upset, and I started crying, and, by his own admission, he was kinda stoned.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I was back at Quiet Storm to drop off some ferns for Jonas (long story). Chris was there, and I went over to say howdy. We got to talking about yesterday, and he said that I scared him. That I was so sad yesterday, it actually scared him.

We talked some - mostly about this idea of mine about not holding stuff in, about letting myself feel stuff so I can work through it and get past it and all that jazz - but still ... I guess it's just really staying with me that I scared Chris ...
Tags: crying, friends, joeskillet, peezy, quiet storm, sad

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