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I had all of these big plans about adding some pictures to my LiveJournal, only I've (once again) run into technical problem after technical problem. The long story short is, to get the pictures online, I had to use AOL's Picture Viewer thing, which appears to only have images as thumbnails unless I decide to give AOL even more money than I already do. That ain't gonna happen. So ...

Tavia and Ricardo (and Gary and some woman whose name I forget)


Stacey and me at Co-op bowling night

Peat and peatasaurus

I may add some more pictures one of these days, but adding those four was such an exercise in frustration that I think I'm done uploading for the moment.

Other exercises in frustration include still more bad news about my aunt, which, honestly, at this point, just kind of blends in with all of the other bad news I've already received about her. She might be coming to Pittsburgh sooner. She might not be coming to Pittsburgh at all. My other aunt has been declared her temporary guardian, largely for the purpose of being allowed to take her out of state. And no one knows how she would react to being on a five hour airline flight.

Right. But the good news (completely unrelated, of course) is that I spent the afternoon with _aqualung_, who baked me a loaf of bread. It made me think of one of the kindest gestures that Daryk ever made toward me, and I wanted to share that story now.

Back when I was in Chicago, I was a much more observant Jew than I am now. Daryk and I met in the spring of 1995, and Passover fell during the early days of our courtship. Being the observant Jew that I was, I refrained from eating leaven during Pesach. And when Passover ended, Daryk arrived for our Saturday night date with a loaf of Irish Soda Bread he had baked for me. I was blown away. It still makes me smile, just to think of it.

So thank you _aqualung_, and thank you Daryk.
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