Hopita (hopita) wrote,

"Funny" just got funnier

Remember my post yesterday about the thing on Craigslist about the chick at The Co-op? Yea, so yesterday I emailed the guy and basically told him sorry, but she doesn't work there anymore, and anyway, she's about to get married.

Well the guy freakin' replied. And oh my stars did his reply make me laugh. Check it out:

Thanks for the response.

Sorry to hear that is no longer available...but oh how I yearn for her hair-reserves she so adoredly safekeeps in her pits. Might there be another furry fox in the offing?

Oh, and he signed it "Hairly yours."

Yea, seriously.
Tags: courtney palmer, craigslist, eefc, email, hairy pits, links, marriage

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