Hopita (hopita) wrote,

old friends.

It's amazing to me how true it really is that so many of the best people I know are from Antioch.

This weekend, Tavia had yet another Antiochian performing at her gallery: Ricardo Muniz, doing his one man show, El Bildin.

Ricardo and I were never close at Antioch (he graduated at the end of my first year), though we were certainly friendly toward one another, and I do remember him distinctly. He was, among other things, the first person that I knew who had two noserings (both gone now). I actually did have him somewhere in my mind when I went to get my second piercing done.

And, just like so many casual Antioch acquaintances before him, he reminded me of what truly great people Antiochians are. We were fast friends in no time flat, and had some really great talks during his incredibly short visit.

And the other fabulous performance I got to attend this weekend was Gypsies and Crickets, starring the lovely and talented peatasaurus. It actually was an incredibly full day -- breakfast with Monica, followed by peatasaurus' show, followed by Ricardo's show, followed by a swanky dinner with Ricardo and Tavia and a bunch of their friends. I am now incredibly thankful that Saprina called me this morning to switch shifts for tomorrow -- no way in hell do I want to be at work six and a half hours from now. Thank you Saprina!

And on a completely unrelated note, I had a dream last night that I lost all of my rings. Now I really want someone to take a picture of my hands so that I can use that picture as a LiveJournal user icon. Any volunteers?

Oh, also, I have one cigarette left. Wish me luck -- again.
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