Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Congratulations! You're pre-pregnant!

This may very well be old news to many of you, as I've personally seen it on my friends page SEVEN times today (and counting), but apparently, according to new Federal guidelines, doctors are now supposed to treat all females, from their first period to the onset of menopause, as though they are "pre-pregnant."

Coffee? Bad. Alcohol? Bad. Cigarettes? Bad. Cleaning out the cat box? Bad. Gotta take your folic acid and watch that weight.

Now, let's not forget that I got my first period at the tender age of ten. And that, according to all the "abstinence-only" bullshit programs that pass themselves off as sex ed these days, I'm not supposed to have sex outside of marriage.

So if I was "pre-pregnant" at ten, was I supposed to get married then as well?

I would write something much more persuasive and coherent if my head weren't too busy exploding. Y'all should go to misia's entry -- she includes a helpful list of people to write to and complain.
Tags: doctors, government nonsense, links, marriage, menopause, menstruation, misia, pregnancy

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