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I found this cool thing by way of isachandra. It's basically a map of all things vegan and vegan-friendly, worldwide. I logged on today, and was surprised to find that I was not the first person to add a Pittsburgh location (though why someone added Whole Foods but not The Co-op or Quiet Storm is kinda beyond me. I joined up and added both of them).

Also, a reminder to local folks: tomorrow is the primary election (this is probably true in many places, though I also know that some states had their primaries last week). I have no clue who the fuck to vote for, but plan on dashing off an email to my Mom to ask her that very question. Also, I know the local Planned Parenthood maintains a website listing which candidates are and are not pro-choice.

OK. That's it for this evening's Public Service Announcements. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, I am still smoke-free (19 hours and counting), though yes, the nights are harder. And also, I'm kinda scared about having vivid tobacco-free dreams like I did a week ago. OK, so maybe I'm more than just "kinda" scared ...
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