Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Things found

Today is a day for things found. For starters, as you all know I found a pack of cigarettes buried in the bottom of my purse this morning. Genius. What you don't know is that, when I was loading my bags into my car this afternoon, I found another pack of cigarettes in yet another one of my bags. Fuckin' a. I swear, it's like I'm growing them or something. I cleaned out all of my bags on Saturday -- where the fuck are all of these cigarettes coming from? Holy hell.

But the truly brilliant thing is this: I stopped by my parents' house, and what do you think by Dad had sitting out waiting for me but my "One Less Meat Eater" pin. That actually really cheered me up. I was really bumming about losing that (tho unixd0rk had already offered to give me the one that I gave him).

I had hoped to drag my parents' porch furniture out of the basement -- I dragged two chairs up over the weekend, but the rest of the stuff is too big, and needs to be brought up through the garage because it won't fit through the basement doorway. Unfortunately, my Dad was on his way somewhere and was hustling me out the door. I should've just doubled back and done it after I knew he was gone. I know he likes to do shit like that himself, but, well, after he had the stroke last summer, I don't really like to let him do the heavy lifting anymore, you know?

Stubborn old man. Ha. I'm a fucking stubborn old woman. Wonder where I got it from, eh?

Anyway, so I ran my errands -- got a new bike rack, which is excellent news -- and now I'm at work, a full hour early. Guess that explains all the LJ updates today, huh?
Tags: dad, smoking

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