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When Good Movies Have Bad Timing

So today is Veteran's Day, and that means I had even less things to do with my time than usual. I thought I might go and catch a discount showing of Elf, but when I got to the theater at 11:00 am for the 11:25 showing, it was already sold out. I pondered and perplexed and finally decided to go and see the 12:30 showing of Mystic River.

Now I'm not saying that Mystic River is a bad movie. Quite the contrary; very compelling. It is not, however, on the top of the list entitled Movies Every Depressed Person Should Go And See.

Made me think of a story someone once told me. They were having a bad day. A bad day. Like Afterschool Special bad. So what do they do? They go home and watch Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. Oy vey. It's right up there with Suddenly, Last Summer on the list of Movies To Make You Feel Like You're Insane.

I'm gonna go take a bath. Wake me when this mess is over.
Tags: depression, insanity, movies

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