Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Joe, Lefty, disasters everywhere

As I was leaving for work today, my neighbor Joe came up to my car. I hadn't talked to him in ages -- I literally have no clue how long it's been. Joe ... Joe is depressing. He's a basically decent guy, but he can be a racist jerk, and he's got a pretty serious drug and/or alcohol problem. He's the guy who broke both of his arms when he fell off the roof when it was raining and he was drunk.

At any rate, he came over to my car, wearing nothing but shorts (welcome to Pittsburgh) and told me that his father, Lefty, who lived in the house next door to Joe, had died. I guess it's been about a week, but they couldn't bury him because of Easter and Holy Week. Then he told me something about having lots of painkillers, but not wanting to take them because he drinks so much. He also commented that I'd been around a lot more lately and asked after my boyfriend. I told him the story, though only the bullet points -- no great detail.

It's just so insane. I mean, it seems like people are having disasters all over the place right now. Everywhere I turn, it's something else. And it was just such a surreal moment -- sitting there, foot on the brake, getting ready to go to work, and having Joe lay this giant piece of information in my lap.
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