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Well, this has certainly been a random day in terms of seeing people who I had no reason to expect were in town.

First of all, I ran into Sarah, the woman that I had that fucked up dream about a week or two ago. She and her husband and son are back in town from Chile, and she apologized for upsetting me in my sleep, even though she obviously had nothing to do with that. It was sweet. It was reassuring. She totally understood where I was coming from, and it was great.

Then not fifteen minutes after that, I ran into Bill Shannon, aka "Crutchmaster." Turns out he's just moved back to Pittsburgh and bought a house. He and his wife and son just moved back here from New York, and they've got another child on the way. It was a trip to see him again. It sounds like I'll be seeing a lot more of him too. This is good. This will give me the opportunity to clear the air about something that he said to me two years ago that was kind of upsetting to me. He didn't seem to mean anything by it, but I want to clear the air, just the same. I have pictures that I took at his Arts Festival performance back then; I'll have to get the copies to him.

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