Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Ghosts, Epilogue

Looking through some of my memories this morning, I stumbled onto a post I had written about a night when Bob totally stood up for me, took care of me, and just generally showed himself to be a true friend.

Bob was funny as hell. He was always singing these goofy little songs. He was the one who told me that when you invite a woman up to your apartment for martinis, you're cool, but when you invite a woman up to your apartment for tea, you're "civilized." He once told me a story about being on a date with some woman. Everything was going fine until he said something stupid, that one wrong thing, and then the mood turned. She was pissed and ranting, and he couldn't even pay attention, because all he could think of was the chorus of The Guess Who's song "No Sugar Tonight," playing over and over again inside his head. I still can't hear that song without thinking about him and laughing.

Bob always wore pink flannel pajamas to sleep in. Bob and I had the exact same pair of eyeglasses (at least until I destroyed mine in that bicycle accident). Bob was the one who discovered my cat Opie stuck up a tree when Opie snuck outside while I was having a party (though it was actually Daryk who climbed up onto the roof of my car and rescued him). When Bob told me that he couldn't get involved with me, he also told me that he liked me better than he liked most of his friends, which I've never forgotten. Bob liked to play cards, and he was good at it too. Bob loved the photo booth at The Rainbo Club, and kept a box full of the photo strips of him and his friends. Bob smoked Lucky Strikes.

Bob once made me a little card, thanking me for taking care of him one night when he was sick. In it, he wrote "I'd probably be dead if not for you." I only rediscovered that card years after he'd died, tucked away inside a book. It is on my wall now, along with his pictures.
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