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OK, so now I'm totally stressing out.

Molly, my rat, wasn't doing so well today. She was disinterested in breakfast, so I called the vet. The vet saw her about a week ago, diagnosed some sort of infection, and put her on antibiotics. She perked up a lot for the first few days afterward, but has since lapsed back into malaise. At any rate, I was told that her vet wasn't in today, but is scheduled to be in tomorrow, so I left a message for her and went on about my business.

Fast forward to about an hour ago. I went to give Molly her bedtime pickle and found her bedding soaked in blood. I took her out of the cage and investigated; she's apparently been chewing herself and has a spot that is still bleeding. I have some anti-chewing, anti-itch cream left over from Sneezy, so I applied some and am currently hoping that it will give the bleeding a chance to stop.

Does it sound like shit is stressful enough?

So the question is what the fuck do I do? I could take her to the emergency vet right now. They'll charge me an arm and a leg, and they don't have her medical history on file. Or I could wait until her regular vet opens, but that's not until 8 or 8:30 tomorrow morning. Is that too long to wait?

I called lurpy and asked him what to do. He wasn't much help (sorry, Lurpy). So I think for now the plan is to sit up through Conan, then see how much blood there is. If it's slowing down, I wait til the regular vet opens. If it's not, or she seems somehow worse, then I go to the e.r.

Arrrrgh! Can I smoke now?
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