Hopita (hopita) wrote,

My vagina is profane

I logged on to check my email this morning and discovered that my vagina was profane.

From an email I just received from Glad Rags:

Apparently, spam filters think the female anatomy beginning with the letter "v" is profane. We've got some exciting information to pass on to about, well, you know. Please note, that while we have no problem using the "v-word", we've had to alter our text to ensure it gets to you. So, from here on out, the aforementioned v-word will be spelled "'gina".

OK, what the fuck? Spam filters don't seem to have any problem with the neverending stream of penis enlargement ads that I receive, but they won't allow an email that uses the word "vagina"?

Kudos to the folks at Glad Rags for taking it in stride and being really witty in the process (they stole the email's headline, "Talkin' 'bout 'ginas," from a Saturday Night Live sketch), but please. And anyway, I'm getting their emails because I signed up for their mailing list, so even if it did contain so-called "questionable" content, well, that was my choice to receive it.

Who knows. Maybe the spam filters are trying to block out all of those vagina enlargement ads ...

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Tags: menstruation

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