Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Smoking vs. the common cold

I was pondering cigarettes earlier. Specifically, I was pondering the fact that every time I seriously quit smoking (read: for more than just a coupla days), I get seriously sick.

Oh yea, I've quit smoking again. Did I forget to tell everyone that? Ya. The last one I had was the one that I stole from pghwob two Saturdays ago after he and I (and unixd0rk and lilostitch and susanholmes418) all went out for dinner and a movie.

Before that cigarette it had actually been about two days since I'd smoked one, but I figure the theory goes that you need like three weeks of being totally nicotine-free to be (physically) cured, so OK, I'll count from pghwob's cigarette.

At any rate, I was pondering this earlier this evening, and wondering if my current sniffly snufflyness has more to do with my body cleansing itself of tar and nicotine than it has to do with all the sniffly snuffly kids that I come into contact with at work. I don't know. But I find the theory interesting.

I'm a vegan non-smoker -- I'm not supposed to get sick.

Yea, right.

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Tags: illness, lilostitch, pghwob, smoking, susanholmes418, unixd0rk

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