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Happy Nude Year

My life keeps getting stranger and stranger.

Tonight I went to the Giant Eagle to pick up my film from New Years. The envelope seemed a little thin, and it said something about there being a note enclosed. I pulled out the piece of paper, and it was some sort of form letter, addressed to me, personally, which basically said "we don't print those kind of pictures."

I'm thinking "what the hell?" because I was anticipating a roll of film of shit like people yelling "happy new year!" and riding around on bicycles. So I pull out the handful of pictures that are enclosed and look at them. They're of some woman I've never seen before, standing around in her bra and panties. I look at the negatives, and -- you guessed it -- the bra and panties are gone in the pictures that were not printed.

So to recap, so far this week I've dealt with a drug-addled check bouncer, a random perv with "a big one," and some naked woman who's probably wondering why she's got a bunch of pictures of my (fully-clothed) friends. Anyone care to place bets on what's gonna happen tomorrow?


Jan. 11th, 2006 03:01 pm (UTC)
a little secret...
I had an experience that was sort of similar.. Although I got the cops called on me...


It was at ..... can't remember the name.

I dropped off pictures.

on a roll of pics there were two VERY SEPARATE EVENTS.

They had pulled out pictures of some of my friends kids at a private festival .. (one kid was like6 7 or 8 didn't have a top on and her sister who was like 4 at time was naked..) we are Pagans.. so there is a less of an uptightness about it. It was just a cute picture of them playing the silly game Stiff as Feather light as a board.. whatever... totally innocent...

the other SEPARATE event was of me.. at a party.. I was clothed.. but it was more of a "costume" party and all you saw was my back in some lingere.

Needless to say.. they where threatening to press charges...

They were dropped though.

Ridiculous. Made me scared and more careful though.

Digital is wonderful in that regard...


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