Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Nearly a year ago, I managed to catch one of The Co-op's serial check bouncers before he had the chance to bounce one at my register. Well, last week he got caught trying to write yet another bad check here, and then the genius came back into the store the next day, then threatened one of the cashiers, and promptly got himself banned from the store. Well, today he was high enough that he managed to convince himself that coming back into the store was a good idea. He was told to leave (and refused), and the cops were called. Apparently at one point, he just stood outside on the sidewalk, staring in the window and just generally creeping everyone out. I mean, wow ... he gets told to leave, he gets told the cops are being called, and then he just stands outside on the sidewalk? Why not just walk into a police station and say "hey, would you guys mind arresting me please?"
Tags: cops, crime, eefc, links

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