Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Funniest thing heard all night:

When unixd0rk and I returned to his house after Stacey's party, I called n0thingman to check in on him. He'd apparently had some adventures since we'd spoken a few hours earlier -- adventures that I seriously hope either he or anjeelou will post about soon. At any rate, he wasn't making a whole world of sense on the phone, and I could hear anjeelou in the background, feeding him answers to the questions that I was asking, so I asked if I could speak to whatever parent or guardian he had there supervising him.

He put down the phone, walked over to anjeelou, and said "She wants to talk to an adult ..."

Man, just the way his voice sounded when he said that ... I'm still cracking up.
Tags: alcohol, anjee, new years, orange mike, parties, phone, stacey, unixd0rk

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