Hopita (hopita) wrote,

A Traditional Jewish Christmas

Well, I see that lilostitch is online, so let's see if I can get my update about tonight posted before she can ...

Today we had a full-fledged traditional Jewish Christmas. First, lilostitch, sillylilboi, BFunk and I all went to see a movie: Memoirs of a Geisha. It was not my first choice of movies (that would've been The Producers, which apparently won't hit theaters in Pittsburgh until next month), but I wasn't opposed to the idea either. That said, lilostitch and I were both disturbed by a number of things in the film (ranging from questions of colonialism and voyeurism to, you know, the whole concept of selling your daughters into prostitution), though sillylilboi and BFunk seemed to love it.

Then we all headed round the corner to Hunan Kitchen where we met up with pghwob and had the traditional Chinese food dinner (nothing says "Christmas" like a scallion pancake and orange soy protein). pghwob has very limited internet access, and, unfortunately, he didn't know that we weren't coming to the restaurant until 5:00. He got there at 4:00 and had already decided that we were no shows by the time we arrived. Oops.

He and lilostitch are both law-type folks, and I'd been meaning to introduce them forever. Much as I expected, they dissolved into talk of Law School and the DA's Office and whatnot.

Also, I gave everyone diseases for Christmas/Chanuka/Solstice/Whatever. lilostitch got Mono. sillylilboi got Gonorrhea. pghwob got Syphilis. BFunk got Athlete's Foot. Oh, and unixd0rk, who was not present, got a Yeast Infection. Good Times.
Tags: bfunk, christmas, hunan kitchen, jew, lilostitch, movies, pghwob, sillylilboi, unixd0rk
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