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Time sure does fly when you work with crazy people

This morning I went to see my new doctor for the first time. I didn't love him the way I loved my old doctor, but he was funny, and I like funny a whole lot. Afterward I went and finally fucking picked out a new pair of eyeglasses -- yaay! It sure did take me long enough to make a decision, but then again, I had to wait for insurance paperwork to come through anyway. At any rate, thanks to said insurance I probably won't have my new glasses until the new year (the insurance requires that the glasses be made in their lab, which means they have to be shipped out, which means it will take forever), but hey -- for the first time in five years I should be able to see clearly, so in the end, this is a very good thing.

Was that whole paragraph just one long sentence? Mighta been.

At any rate, talking with the eyeglass guy about when my glasses would be ready made me realize something: on January 3rd, I'll have been at The Co-op for one full year. Wow. Now maybe this doesn't sound like much, but considering the fact that my longest job (at Facets, in Chicago) lasted for exactly two years, and also considering the fact that I've seen more than twenty people come and go in the time that I've been at The Co-op (hello, momacress ...), well, I'm pretty pleased with myself. And celebrating with a new pair of glasses paid for (in part) by my beautiful new vision insurance sounds like a pretty good way to go.

Oh, and my new eyeglasses? They do tricks. No, seriously.
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