Hopita (hopita) wrote,

This weekend was lovely.

Friday night I had an impromptu dinner with Monica. We tried to go to Indian Oven, not knowing that it had closed a few weeks earlier, but Sweet Basil/La Filipiana has taken its place, and I had a coupon for a free birthday entree there, so we decided it was fate.

Then back to my place where we watched The Journey, a movie I worked on when I first moved to Pittsburgh. I'd forgotten what a really great movie it was. All those dinners with unixd0rk at Udipi Cafe had put it back into my brain, but I hadn't popped it back into the VCR. Good times.

Saturday was my cousin's wife's baby shower. Baby showers are their own special kind of hell, but I went, mostly because I hadn't seen anyone from that part of my family in a while. It was good to see my aunts again, and my cousins. I still think it sucks that baby showers are always women only -- what? Men aren't fathers? Men don't care about children? I don't know. It seems ridiculous and arbitrary to me.

Then to unixd0rk's house where he and some friends spent several hours making electronic music. I called n0thingman when I realized it was giving me rave flashbacks (and told him to come over and bring some ecstasy and some lollipops -- sadly, he had neither). lilostitch randomly stopped over after an unfortunate run in with Ben & Jerry, and it finally motivated the throwing out of some very old party leftovers. There's still a lot of vodka left, though.

The frustrating thing is that spending a night with Monica left me smoking again. That seems to happen to me a lot. I promise I'll keep trying, which doubtless you already knew.

Oh, and one word about yesterday: Pancakes. Yum.
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