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Wow. So today was MAD Day at The Co-op. It was crazy busy and I'm beat. My favorite part: I checked out this crazy woman. When she walked up I was with another customer and she asked "are you open?" No, I'm just standing here ringing up somebody's groceries for my own enjoyment.

At any rate, a good fifteen minutes after she's gone, Allisyn says I can go on a cart run (which means sneak a cigarette as long as I come back with carts). I go up to the parking lot, but there aren't any carts, except for the one that crazy woman has at her car, so I figure what the fuck, I'll wait. She finishes and walks in my direction and I offer to take her cart for her and she says no, she's going back into the store, and then she proceeds to lecture me about Jack Klugman. At first I have no clue what she's talking about -- she's telling me about The Odd Couple and how it was a TV show that became a Broadway show and I'm thinking whyyyyy are you telling me this, crazy lady? But then she gets to it: apparently Jack Klugman has cancer, or causes cancer, or something, and apparently this woman has taken in upon herself at the end of my long, grueling day to rant at me about smoking. I told her I was on my break and didn't have to talk to her and walked away.

And the kicker? She didn't even take the fucking cart back inside! She left it outside the store so I still had to take it back in myself. Arrrgh!

So anyway, the life update is this: I hung out with Rob last night, and no longer feel paralyzed with fear about this birthday party. I think n0thingman understands; he was at my birthday party last year and remembers how that all went down.

In case you all don't, here's a refresher: I'd had a very brief fling with this guy, Hipster. Hipster and I were no longer getting along, and I was unsure of how he would be at the party -- would he talk to me? Would we get along? Well, Hipster showed up at my birthday party with a date. We didn't speak at all and, when I was in the kitchen talking with n0thingman, Hipster came over and gave me a birthday present. I was floored. I didn't know what to say, I felt like such a heel. I started to stammer something along the lines of "wow, thanks ..." when Hipster turned and walked away without a word.


Hipster and I are friends now, and this is all much water under the bridge. Unfortunately, I forgot that he and anjeelou may not have made peace, and, um, anjeelou: you should know that he's said he's coming to my party. Sorry. I hope that's OK.

At any rate, here's hoping that this party is the warm, loving night filled with friends that I've been hoping for. And if anyone reading this hasn't been invited but thinks they should have, it probably means that I don't have your email address and you should make sure to give it to me before Saturday.
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