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I bought myself a birthday present: a copy of the movie Frida. I've been desperately wanting one for a really long time and, well, right now I kind of needed a present.

I ordered birthday presents for two of the other three people on my list, but the third ... well, I have no idea what to get for the third person, and no clue who to even ask. Damn it people -- why doesn't everyone have a wish list?

I did see the world's most perfect gift for ratphooey though. Too bad her birthday is like six months away. ratphooey, how is it that we didn't talk to each other for nearly 20 years? My life makes so much more sense with you in it.

Also speaking of presents, last night I put away all of the things he gave me, or made for me. They were taunting me; looking at them was making me sad. Well, actually, I left one thing out: the blue vase. Somehow I just couldn't bear to put that one away.

The Guerrilla Girls are going to be at Pitt tonight. Man, do I wish I could go.
Tags: birthdays, frida kahlo, movies, presents, ratphooey, tv, unixd0rk

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