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So after I wrote my last post I logged off and called Dan again. A nice, long talk about a lot of things, including revenge fantasies. I realized I don't have any -- about Rob, about anyone, including the one person that I do hold sort of a grudge against (namely my ex-roommate). He said that was further proof of what he often said: that I was a nice person.

While I was talking with Dan, my other line beeped. It was Shannon, calling to say that The Co-op will be closed tomorrow until 2:00 for Gus' funeral. Gus. With all of my life drama in the last two days, I'd kind of forgotten about the work drama that I was about to step back into.

Well, not totally forgotten. People were talking about it at Robert's, and at Maria's. Ricardo was feeling the weight of it too. I can only imagine what the last two days have been like, what today will bring. Shannon said that a bunch of management types were going to the funeral, but that she wasn't, and this made me feel better about my not wanting to go. I was afraid that nobody would be there, you know?

This has been an amazingly tumultuous couple of days. I'm still kind of amazed, among other things, that I was so consumed by grief and stress yesterday that I actually vomited. It's been a while for that.
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