Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Wow. Sleep is kind of an amazing thing, huh? I crashed hard at around 8:00 last night and now it's not even 6:00 am and I'm totally awake and feel worlds better. I mean, no, I'm not happy, by any stretch, but I'm trying to remember things that nirbhao and n0thingman said, trying to remember that even when we were "together," he could be really mean, and make me feel very small.

First thing I did was to remove him from my buddy list. It makes me sad to see when he's online. It makes me sad to see that he's not. So it's best that I just don't know.

The thing that's been making me happy is seeing that work friends have been RSVPing for the party. Mike last night, Shannon this morning. I love the idea of Shannon being there.

I don't really love the idea that the party's at his house. He kept threatening me with canceling the party, like that would actually upset me. I mean, please ... you think I feel comfortable with the idea of this party? Canceling the party is going to make lilostitch way angrier than it's gonna make me. But knowing that there will be lots of loving people there is starting to cheer me up. I won't have to deal with him; I'll deal with them.

Anyone want to be my designated driver so I can go and get hammered and still make it home in one piece?

OK, well, time for me to figure out what the fuck to do with the next seven hours before I have to leave for work.
Tags: lilostitch, nirbhao, orange mike, parties, sleep, unixd0rk

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