Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Two words: Veruca Salt!

They so kicked ass. All those shows I tried to get into in Chicago, I can't believe that I finally saw them in Millvale, PA. Am I a bad vegan if I eat non-vegan candy because Louise Post threw it at me? I think I probably am, and if I eat more than a tiny little bit, I'll probably get sick to boot.

lilostitch ran into an old friend of hers at the show, and talking with him sparked more talk about our upcoming birthday party. It should be on Saturday November 19th at unixd0rk's house. I promise to keep all interested parties posted.

And as long as I'm namedropping, unixd0rk and I saw telephasic at Tavia's wedding this afternoon, which kind of surprised me. Turns out he works with the groom, and we marveled at what a small city this really is, and how insular the arts community seems to be.

At any rate, if I'm seriously planning on going to work in costume tomorrow (which I am!) then I should probably quit dicking around online and start doing some sleeping. I'm trying to quit smoking again tonight or tomorrow, so I'll likely update this post with the latest edition of my quitmeter once I do.

QuitMeter Counter courtesy of www.quitmeter.com.
Tags: birthdays, deek, lilostitch, parties, smoking, tavia, telephasic, unixd0rk, vegan, veruca salt

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