Hopita (hopita) wrote,

This day ...

Well, let's see. Rob didn't bring by those nametags yesterday, but Allisyn printed them out for me today, and then I managed to destroy them (and destroy them in the exact same way that I destroyed the first set of nametags he made for me, interestingly enough). I showed momacress what I'd done and she said "today's just not your day, Hope." Gee, ya think?

The satellite radio is playing songs to slash your wrists to in the year 1978, and the staff bathrooms have flooded. I'm doing my level best to be an actual functional member of society today, and it's not really going all that well. Oh, and if Beth uses the phrase "my boyfriend" one more time, I swear I'm gonna smash something to pieces, like my own fucking skull, for example.
Tags: allisyn, beth, eefc, papilio_luna, stress, unixd0rk

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