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I'm home. I just spent the last hour standing outside, talking to n0thingman. Man, was I glad to see him. We had a long talk about a great many things, but the thing that seemed to strike the deepest chord with me was talk about the unconscionable ways that people can sometimes treat each other, and my just general lack of understanding as to how people can be that way. Parents to their children especially.

I was somewhat late in my arrival to meet him because I drove Guitar Joe home from work. Tomorrow will be his last day at The Co-op, and I think it's only just begun to hit me how much I'm going to miss him. You know how you can work with people, and a lot of them you really like, but then one or two of them are just your favorites? Yea.

divinetailor wrote something today about the wonderful ways in which people can express their love. I've gotten some mighty powerful love these past few days, from her, from n0thingman, from lilostitch ... last night, Mothermoonbeam and AFRICArdo sat with me, and Mothermoonbeam reminded me that I was part of a community. That there were many arms that would gladly open to me, and many hearts as well. I'm beyond words at the kindness that has flowed from the people in my life. From my Mother's message on my answering machine, Debbie's hug at the end of her shift, and Coco returning from lunch with not one but six of those damn cupcakes. From each of you. From all of you.

I will never understand how a mother can abuse her son, but I will always be touched and heartened by the sheer power of people healing each other, and themselves. Amongst the horrors of life, there always seem to be these bountiful pockets of love.
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