Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Well, today things got so bad that they actually became ridiculous.

Within about four minutes of my arrival at work, my credit card machine broke. I hung up signs, and idiot after idiot somehow missed them, so now I am actually wearing a giant bright orange sign around my neck which reads "CASH & CHECKS ONLY." lilostitch and momacress can tell you that it's true -- heck, momacress actually took a fucking picture. And yet not fifteen minutes ago, I still had a man come through my line, let me ring up everything, and only then realize that no, I could not take his card.

Ugh. See what I mean? Crap is so bad, it's actually absurd.

And tomorrow's MAD Day. With two broken registers. Should be all different kinds of fun.
Tags: eefc, lilostitch, mad day, papilio_luna

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