Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Yom Kippur

So I'm home from services. I actually ended up going to the thing my friend Adam told me about -- free services at The Friends Meeting House run by the group Sukkat Shalom. It was actually uniquely emotional for me. I hadn't really expected a traditional service (prayerbooks, music, stand up, sit down, etc.), mainly because they were being held at The Friends Meeting House, but once I got there and saw that they were, I desperately wanted my Mother to be there with me. I called her on the break between the morning service and the Yizkor service, and she did come down, but really, by then, it was pretty much over. Still, I got to sit with her for twenty minutes or so, and we both got to hear the closing shofar, which was really indescribably nice.

It kind of surprised me how emotional I got -- still does, really. It just all hit me at once -- all those things I'd missed by not being able to do this with her these past few years. I sat there and saw another mother rest her daughter's head on her shoulder, and I just started crying. It had been so many years since we'd done that, or since we'd heard the shofar.

I'm glad she made it down there in time for the end. I only wish I'd known about it sooner than last night -- like last week, for example. At any rate, I've added my name to their mailing list, and should be more in the loop from now on.

And on a random other note, unixd0rk, where are you? You'd talked about us getting together for lunchtime costume shopping on one of my days off -- I presume it won't be today, since today is mostly over. Tomorrow then? Give me a shout, OK?

Also, n0thingman: I picked up a piece of Winnie the Pooh origami at The Friends Meeting House and it made me think of you, and of Chey as well.
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