Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Last night I dreamed of San Pedro ...

This weekend was a hoot. There was lunch with unixd0rk and Shane at Udipi Cafe. There was the running of the errands. There was Joe's party last night, and it was a better time than I'd expected. The weedy room was giving me visions of being in a movie, like some twanky druggie party in a 1970s movie. Hard to describe, but vivid. Driving home afterward, we were jamming out to Madonna's "La Isla Bonita," stumbled upon while flipping through the channels on the radio. I'd forgotten all about that moment until I just happened to see a box of Bonita bananas a few moments ago. Then it all came flooding back to me.

And speaking of unixd0rk, I'd better post this before he has a chance to change his mind: He has offered his house to be the site of this year's birthday party, featuring birthday girls hopita (Nov. 21), lilostitch (Nov. 18), Debbie (Nov. 21) and, uh, well, unixd0rk (Nov. 18). Have a birthday that week? Feel free to add yourself to the list of honorees. No clue on specifics beyond that yet, but I'd suspect it will be whatever weekend is closest to those dates, and I'm hoping it will involve mass quantities of vegan pot luck food.

And now, for the final order of business:

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