Hopita (hopita) wrote,

What a strange life.

I went to that benefit last night at the Daffodil Collective. Saw a couple of people I knew from jail, or from the Quiet Storm. Good folks. Mostly wondering the same thing I've been wondering: where did everybody else go?

Then I cam home and answered some emails, made some tea, and was preparing for bed. I answered Harold's email asking about Bob, and then logged off. Not two minutes later my phone rang and it was Bob.

Now some of you know the Bob story and some don't. The salient points, I suppose, are that Bob's got some real drug issues, and that I hardly ever talk to him - maybe three or four times a year these days. At any rate, he called, and was not as insanely high as he was the last time I talked to him, so we actually had an ok talk (our last talk really kind of freaked me out). It still makes me sad - he still makes me sad - but I'm also always a little relieved when he checks in - glad to know he's still breathing and all that.
Tags: big house, bob hemelrick, drugs, events, friends, jail, parties, quiet storm

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