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It's been a few days since I posted about my Dad, and not a whole lot has changed. He's still in the neurological ICU, and still on a ventilator, although they've been testing his ability to breathe on his own, and, if he keeps doing well, they may remove the vent today. Also, it looks pretty definite that it was the hyponatremia thing, which doesn't mean that he didn't have a stroke, it just means that the main thing was a rapid loss in blood sodium. This is good, because this is a lot more reversible than a stroke. And hyponatremia explains the fatigue, lethargy, mental confusion and brain swelling that he had, it just doesn't explain why he's weaker on his right side than his left (which is why I'm not convinced).

As for me, I thought I was responding to the stress by having a recurrence of my herpetic eye disease. I was wrong. What I actually had was some little piece of schmutz in my eye, which had to be flushed out in the e.r., and which left me with a scratched cornea. Consequently, I've been pretty fucking blind, and have missed the last two days of work (I tried to work yesterday, but was simply too photo sensitive -- even wearing my sunglasses, the light was still unbearably painful). I sent unixd0rk out to buy me an eyepatch yesterday (anarqueso: maybe I'll have to join pro_scurvy now), and he came over last night and just generally cheered me up -- we ate Vegan Crack, we listened to my Gilda Radner record, and it just all made me feel so much less tense.

So now today I can see a bit better (obviously, as I'm able to look at a computer screen -- couldn't do that yesterday). I have another eye doctors' appointment at noon, and then back to The Co-op at two. They've been incredibly cool as far as allowing me the space to deal with all of the disasters I've been dealing with over these last few days. Yar.

Oh, p.s.
madamjolie: I saw you tagged me for that thing and I will get to it, I just need shit to calm down a bit more first.
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