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I found out about a week ago that one of my favorite people at work was leaving, and tonight, after work, there was an impromptu going away party type thing at The Squirrel Cage. letsrunawaybaby was there (I'd just met him in person for the first time today), along with lots and lots of other folks from The Co-op. It was also probably my first time at a bar since I'd quit smoking. I'd been to a party or two, but always with unixd0rk by my side, ready to run away with me and hide in a smoke-free corner if the urges got too intense.

Let me interrupt right here by saying that no, I didn't smoke.

I had a drink, and sat and talked with work friends (how much do we love Maggie? Oh yea), and mostly felt irritated by the smoke -- it was getting in my eyes and in my mouth and just smelled fucking terrible, you know? But I still felt the urge and, when it reached a certain point of longing, I decided that that was my cue to leave and headed home.

Kevin (said work person who was decided to move to Kentucky) said he'd still be around for the next few days, so I don't feel so bad for not getting a whole lot of a chance to hang out with him tonight. And on the drive home I realized that today was BFunk's birthday, which made me feel really bad that I didn't just give him that vegan peanut butter bar that he came through my line to buy (I sent him an email and told him I owed him one).

I also realized that I spend a whole fucking lot less time drinking than I used to. This makes sense, as H.W.S.R.N. was (and presumably still is) an alcoholic, as were pretty much most of the people that I worked with at Fright Fest. I still miss them all from time to time, but I definitely don't miss that alcoholic culture -- the bars, the cigarettes, the queasy mornings after ... tonight I had one alcoholic beverage, followed by one soft drink, and zero cigarettes. I've gone from the fucking old hag at the corner of the bar to a total lightweight. It's a good thing.

And in other completely random news, n0thingman: I had the world's strangest dream about you last night ...
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