Hopita (hopita) wrote,

The more things change ...

Yet another moment when I have only a few minutes of break time left, so this will be yet another brief update.

Remember how a few months back I posted a thing about how happy I was only to have it all come crashing apart the very next day? Yea, so, that happened again. Go me. No cigarettes or alcohol yet, but I did cry at work (giant dork, yup), only to have my tears wiped away by Ian, sharing the fact that we have Ginseng Rush back in stock again -- both regular and XXX -- w00t!

But the real thing that lifted my spirits is the thing that's been lifting them for about a week now: There's this guy, Jon. Jon is a regular customer at The Co-op. Jon is also someone I know from grade school (note to ratphooey: remind me to tell you which Jon, and to tell you about the other Falk person who dropped by a few weeks back). Now, without getting into my entire fucking life story, let's just say that grade school and junior high were rough years, and that not so many people were nice to me. Jon was somewhere in between: not nice, but not mean either -- just part of a whole different crowd, I suppose. Anyway, when Jon came into the store last week and I realized who he was, he fucking greeted me like I was a long lost friend, and has been nothing but warm and friendly to me ever since, always saying hi, always giving a smile. I guess the long story short is that it's renewed my faith in the fact that people do grow up, and that childhood really is something that's far, far behind me.

OK, back to the salt mines ...
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