Hopita (hopita) wrote,

because Fuzzy Wobbly has started to complain ...

Yes, I realize I have not updated my journal in forever. I'm at work now, and have just about ten minutes left on my break, so this won't be the world's longest update, but I'll try to give you a few items of substance:

And then my mind goes blank. The simple truth is that I've been simply ... yah. Swimming when I have time. Sleeping when it's not too hot. Five weeks without a cigarette (w00t!). Applied for a promotion at work. And, oh yes, in love. I met his parents and he met mine. I feel like we're both learning how to live ... to be open and honest and express what's going on inside of our heads. And, like I've learned over and over and over again, when I find the words to explain what I'm actually feeling, the people that I'm talking to will inevitably get honest about what's going on inside of them. A stupid tense fight turned out to be a really great thing in terms of each of us actually getting out what was going on inside of our heads. And this is what I want in terms of my relationship with another human.

Gah. This is all touchy feelie and non-specific, and, as I have to be back on register in a minute, I have no time to fix it now. Reply if this makes any kind of sense at all. Reply if it doesn't.

And a happy belated birthday to lurpy, Chey, and Miss Prissy Pants.
Tags: cheychey79, happiness, love, lurpy, miss prissy pants, pghwob, smoking, swimming, unixd0rk

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