Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Lifted from unixd0rk, who stole it from lilostitch

Note: I didn't necessarily use the first image ... more like the first one on that page that I kind of dug. So sue me.

Place where you were born
"west penn hospital"

Place you live now
"polish hill"

First Car

Note: When I bought the car, the woman that I bought her from had two conditions ... That I keep a pair of scissors, a sponge, and ... uh, well, something else on the floor on the passenger side, and that she always and forever remain named "Bertha."

Your Name

Note: I originally searched "hopita" hoping for some cool Love & Rockets imagery, but found none

Favorite Food

Favorite Drink:
"ginseng rush!"

Favorite Band
"i have absolutely no idea"

Favorite Smell

Favorite Shoes

(favorite shoes of the moment, at any rate -- they're the shoes that let me wear sandals without breaking The Co-op's "no open-toed shoes" rule)

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