Hopita (hopita) wrote,

A much overdue update

There are just scores of things that have happened since I last updated. As I'm leaving town tomorrow (Antioch reunion, woo hoo!), I figured I'd do my best to share some of this stuff:

First off, I've quit smoking again (yes, yes, I know, blah blah blah). It's been about six days, and it blows. But hey -- today was MAD Day at The East End Food Co-op and I managed to get through that smoke-free, so hey -- maybe I can actually make it through reunion this year.

Over the course of the week I've only had one teeny, tiny moment of cheating -- one drag off of someone else's cigarette on day #2. Though last night ... well, last night I had a moment. Sitting on unixd0rk's porch, holding an opened pack of cigarettes, I just completely broke down and started sobbing, and saying that I didn't know what to do. unixd0rk, being an all around excellent guy, told me that I did know what to do, then fed me (vegan) ice cream, and talked me down off my metaphorical ledge. And thinking back on that moment (which I've done repeatedly today), it kind of blows my mind that I would be that upset and irrational over cigarettes. It doesn't exactly surprise me, it just ... well, it's a sad statement, I think.

So I gave unixd0rk that pack of cigarettes (opened, but not smoked), and he halfheartedly hid them. He offered them back to me when I left this morning, and I declined. That pack was part of a two for one deal, and, when I got to work, I gave the other (unopened) pack to Fuzzy Wobbly. So yaay for me. I'm heading to Ohio tomorrow with no cigarettes in the car. It's a good way to start. And, if I can make it until 11:30 tomorrow night, I'll have an entire week without a cigarette (save for that one drag I mentioned earlier).

In other news, unixd0rk met my parents last night, which was kind of a surprise for both of us (I knew my Mom would be there; my Dad invited himself along at the last minute). He seemed very nonplussed, and I told him that, if it were me, I'd be totally pissing myself. Then again, I can be a big chicken about a lot of things.

Oh, and lurpy, I almost called you the other day (or maybe that was this morning?) when unixd0rk played Outkast's "Hey Ya." It made me think of how surprised you were that I liked that song, and made me want to call you and say "see -- everyone likes this song ..." but, by the time I got as far as finding my phone, the song was over.

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