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small world

Tonight at The Co-op, and old friend from my raver days came in (note to sillylilboi: this was Laura, that chick who used to hang with Brandon). And as she's buying her groceries, she casually mentions that she's dating someone I know: Hipster. Hipster. I was ... well, I was concerned, to say the very least. First off, she had no clue that he and I had ever had any sort of romantic entanglement ("He said you were just friends ..." -- um, yes, now, but, uh ...). But secondly, she also had no clue that he was still married. And I feel for her, because I certainly had no clue that he was still married at the time either. I left it at that -- didn't fill her in on his other lies, on his other instances of bad behavior, though the urge to tell all was certainly there. I mean, I do like the guy, I do consider him a friend, but would I recommend him as someone to date? Yea. Not exactly. So I told her the one big lie and I suppose I'm hoping she'll use that to unravel the rest. And I also suggested she talk to Zocks, as he was a source of a lot of information for me.

And if this doesn't beat all: Joe sees me talking to her and starts telling me how she came to his place with some guy. He starts describing the guy and yup, it's Hipster. And Joe says he got such a shady vibe from him, and I'm like yea, that's him alright.


In other news, I'm quitting smoking yet again (what is this, like the third time this week?). I'd quit two days ago, but unixd0rk is having major roommate drama and last night ... well, last night just sort of called for a cigarette. Which was incredibly stupid of me, because yesterday I'd made it through the day without one in a relatively painless fashion. I've posted a lot about the quitting struggles on The Antioch92 Message Board, and folks there are being wonderfully helpful and supportive. So yes, I'm trying this again.

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May. 12th, 2005 01:20 pm (UTC)
a spontaneous idea
i think i may have some wisdom to impart in helping you on your journey to quitting. quitting may not in fact be the answer you're seeking. tobacco IS a natural substance. if quitting is the answer, then the trick may rely on this: slow, steady, and constant moderation. if you're smoking full-flavors, switch to lights, if you're smoking lights, switch to ultra-lights, and if you're smoking ultra lights and that's still not working....i don't know what else to say. if quitting is not the answer, you should try to work your way down to something like smoking a hand-rolled cigarette only when you feel too stressed. this seems to be working for me, so i can only hope it might help you too. in fact, i just let a cigarette burn all the way down while writing this.
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